Breville Panini Press Review

Breville Panini Press Review

In keeping with its heritage of creating the world’s first domestic version of a professional sandwich press, the Breville bsg520xl panini duo 1500-watt nonstick panini press introduces the Panini Duo .

With a 1500-watt heating element that heats up quickly, the Panini Duo’s top plate delivers beautiful grill marks on any kind of bread, while its bottom plate delivers even and quicker heat on the flat to make the perfect Panini or your own toasted sandwich creation.

Grill surfaces are made with a non-stick, scratch-proof Quantanium surface for easy cleaning.  With its sturdy construction and stainless steel construction, the Panini Duo delivers on Breville’s promise of performance and elegance.

Even more, the grill’s floating top plate and four adjustable height settings make it possible to accommodate even the most ambitious of sandwiches or to keep the top plate suspended above food, radiating heat down when cooking breakfast items or open-style melts.

The Breville is 1500w, which is about as powerful as you’re going to get for a panini press.  Anything too low, like a George Foreman grill (which ranges from 700-11100 watts), and your sandwich will not cook evenly or quickly.

The second thing the Breville has is floating hinge, which means the hinge is not static and rises and lowers in height so that it adjusts for whatever size sandwich you’re cooking.

The Breville rises up to 2″, which is really all you need for a panini (anything higher than that and the inside of your monstrous sandwich will not cook).  The hinge also has a lock on it with four different settings, so you can lock the top plate in place instead of having it rest completely on the sandwich.  This is something that most other presses don’t have.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press:

The simplicity of the Panini Duo is this appliances’ strongest feature. I can quickly make two paninis by plugging in the outlet, assemble the sandwiches while waiting for the green light, and placing the paninis into the press. Since oil is not required, I made panini without buttering the bread. I prefer the butter flavor; however the bread still came out a toasty brown and crisp. I have toasted buns for burgers by leaving the top open. Additionally….(L.T.Beasimer)

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