Make Quick and Cheap Spaghetti in a Rice Cooker

Make Quick and Cheap Spaghetti in a Rice Cooker

Make spaghetti in your rice cooker! It is so easy and fast……. All in one pot! It is cheap, too, using just a few ingredients, and they are very inexpensive. And, you save even more by not having to turn on the stove. I use my three rice cookers for many things. But, I was afraid to do spaghetti. I did other prepackaged dinners with pasta, so I figured I could also do spaghetti,. I really didn’t want to have to stop and drain the water. I have an awful time anyway getting spaghetti cooked well. I have tried the Martha Stewart “throw it at the fridge and see if it sticks” method. This all-at-one-time method worked for me from ricecookerworld.


14 oz spaghetti

1 can of spaghetti sauce flavored with meat, ( usual1y under a dollar)

1 same can of water

White vinegar 2 TBS ( probably could use any vinegar you have)

Oil 2TBS

Sugar 2TBS

½ cup


Small Can of mushrooms (optional)

Dry spices…(fifty cents at dollar stores): garlic salt or garlic pepper, onion powder, either crushed red pepper , cayenne pepper, or chili powder.

Begin by putting oil in the bottom of the rice cooker. I use my larger rice cooker for this. Next, add a can of the cheap spaghetti sauce flavored with meat, not a jar. Then add a can of water. Add sugar, vinegar, onion powder and garlic salt or garlic pepper. This next ingredient is kind of flexible. For real hot spaghetti, use 2 teaspoons of crushed red peppers, 1 for sort of spicy, or ½ -1 teaspoon of cayenne powder for “sort of tangy hot.” for not very hot , you could add chili powder. At this point add around ½ cup of onion. I use green scallions, but you can use any kind…even dried minced ones if you want. Push the button to start this boiling.

After the sauce begins to come to a boil, it is time to add the pasta. I use a 14 ounce box of spaghetti…..I like to use a healthy version my daughter likes that is white pasta, but has the nutrition of whole wheat. Break them in half before adding. Then take the plastic spoon you stir with and break them some more. This is important when cooking spaghetti in the rice cooker. Unlike when you are cooking rice, check on this and stir every few minutes. You may have to push the button to cook again, when it turns itself to warm. When the spaghetti is about cooked, allow it to warm a while.

Next add the can of mushrooms and stir, then add parmesan cheese liberally across top. Allow to warm a while longer before serving.

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