Microsoft Sidewider X3 Budget Mouse Review

Microsoft Sidewider X3 Budget Mouse Review

Gaming isn’t a cheap thrill and neither are the accessories that come along with it. One of the main and most important accessories in a gamers tool box is the mouse. If your mouse isn’t up to par them more than likely you are falling behind your competition.
Most gaming mouses range from $100 all the way up to $600. Most gamers find it hard to afford the $100 mouse, let alone the $600 mouse. Microsoft paid attention, did their homework and came back with the Sidewider X3 budget Mouse. It’s a bit cute how they called it the “budget mouse,” but the name really does fit.

It’s called the “Budget mouse” because 90% of the gamers are able to purchase this mouse without breaking the bank. The Microsoft Sidewider X3 budget mouse is not only an affordable mouse, it’s an affordable mouse with high end functionality.

Can your mouse hang with the rest?

Microsoft made sure the Microsoft Sidewider X3 budget mouse stood up to it’s sister mice, X8 and X5. Both the X8 and X5 are built with the gamer in mind but fail to cater to the gamers pockets. This is where the Microsoft Sidewider X3 budget mouse comes in. This mouse is also built with the gamer in mind but priced much more comfortably and is much more affordable.

Even though the price has been lessen, the features have not been downgraded. To my surprise, the Microsoft Sidewider X3 budget mouse actually operates just as good as the X8 and the X5, if not better.

It comes with a 2000 DPI laser tracking engine, which allows the gamer to enjoy fast action with high performance laser tracking. It has an on the fly DPI switching, which also allows you to switch over the sensitivity of your laser tracking with a click of a button. You can either utilize the three buttons that allow you to switch between 400, 800, or 2000 DPI, or you can set up your own settings by using the software that comes with the mouse itself.

One of the most wonderful aspects about the Microsoft Sidewider X3 budget mouse is that it can be used by a lefty or a righty. This feature alone makes this mouse stand out against the rest.Whether it’s a regular mouse or a gaming mouse, the Sidewider X3 has them beat.

Another thing that makes this mouse a must have for gamers is the fact that it allows you to map your own gaming actions. If you have a certain preference when it comes to where you want certain actions to be located on your mouse, then map it! Customize your mouse around your needs, wants and desires.

The Microsoft Sidewider X3 budget mouse processed images 7080 frames per second with a max acceleration of 20 G. The max speed is 45+ inches per second which is pretty fast for a budget mouse.

My conclusion?

This mouse can stand up against the rest. Even though it’s priced at $40, its reputation is priced at a much higher rate. It has excellent features and it operates just as well as the X8 and the X5. Compared to other high end gaming mice, this one has passed the test in all around performance. Plus it’s obtainable for just about any gamer who is shopping for a decent gaming mouse on a budget.

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