Cruising at 17,000 feet over the Caribbean island of Guadaloupe and heading away into the big wide yonder

Welcome to The Big Wide Yonder, the website of Roff Smith, an award-winning photojournalist whose work has appeared in National GeographicTimeNatureConde Nast TravellerIslands MagazineNational Geographic AdventureNational Geographic Traveler, and BBC’s Lonely Planet Traveller as well as many other international publications. He is the author of several books, including Cold Beer & Crocodiles, about his 10,000-mile solo cycling trek through the Australian outback, and Life on The Ice, about his travels in Antarctica. He wrote   National Geographic Traveler‘s Guidebook to Australia and was a contributor to the National Geographic Society’s The Photographs: Then and Now – a history of photography in National Geographic magazine. He has been a lecturer on cruise ships around the world and numerous National Geographic expeditions to Antartica, South America, the Baltic Sea, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. He is represented photographically by National Geographic’s Image Collection.

A passionate touring cyclist who has logged about a quarter of a million miles all over the world, and on every continent, he also writes and photographs for his personal cycling blog My Bicycle and I